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CloudFoundry Acquired by SpringSource

After few days after SpringSource was acquired by VMWare for $420M, SpringSource acquired also CloudFoundry to support their cloud deployment platform.



The amount of acquisition for CloudFoundry is undisclosed and Chris Richardson is now the head of cloud development at SpringSource.

The interesting part now is the strategy of VMWare to integrate these products (VMWare, Hyperic HQ,Spring,CloudFoundry) to create full stack of Java Cloud Enterprise Solution.

Into the new domain name

I’m moving this blog to have a new domain name. You can now browse this blog at blog.capsunlock.net

I’m also trying to setup the main site capsunlock.net. It will be up soon. 🙂

I really hate to see the footer and you can’t remove it from google site pages even if you pay for the service. See the following posts:


I revert to have the www.capsunlock.net to point nowhere until I got my hosting server running. 🙁