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Introducing Monitoring, Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing for Amazon EC2

“New Features for Amazon EC2: Elastic Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, and Amazon CloudWatch

We are working to make it even easier for you to build sophisticated, scalable, and robust web applications using AWS. As soon as you launch some EC2 instances, you want visibility into resource utilization and overall performance. You want your application to be able to scale on demand based on traffic and system load. You want to spread the incoming traffic across multiple web servers for high availability and better performance. You want to focus on building an application that takes advantage of the powerful infrastructure available in the cloud, while avoiding system administration and operational burdens (“The Muck,” as Jeff Bezos once called it).” -Amazon Web Services

Now, that AWS has this services, it’s good to play this new services and put to production. A web interface would be great though, maybe something that contains information about scaled running and monitored instances inside AWS.

For companies like RightScale, Scalr and and others AWS management providers, how it will affect their business?