Deleting Old EBS Snapshots

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  1. Peregrinator says:

    It’s worth noting that placing .my.cnf and .awssecret in $HOME will lead to them getting bundled with any AMI you create from that server.

    To prevent accidental exposure of the secret keys and passwords should you make that AMI public I would recommend placing them in /mnt and symlinking them to the $HOME directory.

    ln -s /mnt/.my.cnf /home/ubuntu/.my.cnf
    ln -s /mnt/.awssecret /home/ubuntu/.awssecret

  2. rodney says:


    Good point.

    Another note is for multi user server, these files even if they are at /mnt must be secured also for read only on root and no access to other users which is easily be fixed using chmod command.

    It’s always best to review and double check your private AMI settings before making them public.

  3. saravana says:

    i required script for Amazon EC2 Daily Snapshot Script for Windows

  4. rodney says:

    You can create an image of a Windows instance via the AWS Management Console but I don’t know how to do it on Windows system. Maybe a scheduled task on Windows can make a daily snapshot.

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