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Now Open: AWS Region in Asia Pacific

“Businesses and developers in the Asia Pacific part of the world can now obtain their processing, storage, and other services on an economical, pay-as-you-go basis from resources located nearby.

We’ve just opened up an AWS Region in Singapore, with two Availability Zones. The new region supports Amazon EC2 (including Elastic IP Addresses, Amazon CloudWatch, Elastic Block Storage, Elastic Load Balancing, and Auto Scaling), Amazon S3, Amazon SimpleDB, the Amazon Relational Database Service, the Amazon Simple Queue Service, the Amazon Simple Notification Service, Amazon DevPay, and Amazon CloudFront. The page for each service includes full pricing information for the Singapore Region.

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CloudFoundry Acquired by SpringSource

After few days after SpringSource was acquired by VMWare for $420M, SpringSource acquired also CloudFoundry to support their cloud deployment platform.



The amount of acquisition for CloudFoundry is undisclosed and Chris Richardson is now the head of cloud development at SpringSource.

The interesting part now is the strategy of VMWare to integrate these products (VMWare, Hyperic HQ,Spring,CloudFoundry) to create full stack of Java Cloud Enterprise Solution.