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MySQL on RAID0 and useful MySQL tools

Maintaining a production DB containing 15-25M rows show best improvement with the use of RAID0 on EC2 platform. Having a MySQL master-slave replication of servers and keeping the documented procedure is very handy for restoring the DB and the RAID volumes.

Documenting the process on downgrading and upgrading RAID0+MySQL from large to xlarge EC2 instance or vice versa helps a lot.

The links below best describes the RAID0 performance for IO operations on EC2 and how to setup the EBS RAID0 and MySQL in your machine.

RAID0 Refrences
IO Performance on EBS
mdadm: A New Tool For Linux Software RAID Management
Running MySQL on Amazon EC2 with Elastic Block Store

MySQL Tools
EC2 Consistent Snapshot
Using Maatkit to restore Slave-Master
MySQL Sandbox
Auto MySQL Backup

Amazon Relational Data Service

Just received an  email from Amazon AWS about their new service: Amazon Relational Service or RDS!

Previously, MySQL database are configured to use an EBS volumes for persistence(Running MySQL on Amazon EC2 with Elastic Block Store). Now using the RDS, EBS volumes may not be needed for MySQL databases. Simply launch a instance of RDS,migrate your mysql data, set security settings, run your apps, start taking and managing older snapshots. Yet this is another great feature that AWS added. 🙂

But it seems only MySQL 5.1, would it be good if they have added other databases like PostgreSQL for example?

Introducing Amazon RDS
Amazon RDS:Gettings Started