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Amazon RDS – Multi-AZ Deployment now Available

Amazon just announced the new feature for Amazon RDS.

Amazon RDS – Multi-AZ Deployments For Enhanced Availability & Reliability

Amazon RDS simplifies many of the common tasks associated with the deployment, operation, and scaling of a relational database. You don’t have to worry about acquiring and installing hardware, loading an operating system, installing and configuring MySQL, or managing backups. In addition, scaling the processing power or storage space available to your database is as simple as an API call.

When we rolled out Amazon RDS last October, we also announced plans to have a “High Availability” option in the future. That option is now ready for you to use, and it’s called “Multi-AZ Deployments.” AZ is short for “Availability Zone”; each of the four AWS Regions is comprised or two or more such zones, each with independent power, cooling, and network connectivity.

The availability and reliability characteristics of Multi-AZ deployments make them well suited for critical production environments.

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Amazon Relational Data Service

Just received an  email from Amazon AWS about their new service: Amazon Relational Service or RDS!

Previously, MySQL database are configured to use an EBS volumes for persistence(Running MySQL on Amazon EC2 with Elastic Block Store). Now using the RDS, EBS volumes may not be needed for MySQL databases. Simply launch a instance of RDS,migrate your mysql data, set security settings, run your apps, start taking and managing older snapshots. Yet this is another great feature that AWS added. 🙂

But it seems only MySQL 5.1, would it be good if they have added other databases like PostgreSQL for example?

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