Doing CruiseControl at Amazon EC2

It’s been a while since learning basic of Rails. Here comes a good way of testing and building them using the continuous integration tool.

I’ve downloaded CCrb at
It’s very easy, extract it add your app:

Basic steps:
1. Add the project from the svn:
prompt> $CCHOME/cruise add rails_project -u svn_url

2. Start CruiseControl:
prompt> $CCHOME/cruise start

3. Point your browser to http://localhost:3333

I was trying to run it at Amazon EC2 and customize the new AMI. So that when I boot an instance it will launch the CruiseControl. And I can check it what projects are having problems during testing and building process. See snapshot:

Hope to do more Rails and EC2 projects next. Probably add more features on this CC using Capistrano..

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