Nov-Dec 2010 Top Features of Amazon AWS

S3 Object Size Limit Now 5TB
Now object can be 5TB instead of 5Gb. Split the files and upload them using Multipart Upload API as posted here. I will always remember how to use AWS import and lxsplit for big data files.

AWS Mobile SDK
For mobile developers, check-out AWS Mobile SDK.

Amazon Route 53
This service is called Amazon Route 53 because of the port DNS is using. See it here. Hmm.. I suppose we can now run internal DNS without using LDAP and OpenDNS. 🙂

Free Basic Monitoring for Amazon EC2, from Amazon CloudWatch
Free basic monitoring of EC2 instances nice! Hope more free to come.

Free Servers using Amazon EC2
Free Servers! Unfortunately for AWS Newbies! What would you say if your using AWS since its early days? 🙂

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