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LXD Web Interface

Been playing and revisiting with LXD and finally looking for an interface for it. Found LXDUI. Although you can manage it in command prompt, too using lxc commands, sometimes its best to get a friendly interface for it.

Here is a screenshot of the UI for LXD:

Created a small fix for it for the Clone and Move Container buttons to work. 😀 See pull request #289


Another Fabric Tutorial

I’ve been playing with  Python here and at the same time Fabric v.0.9 for simple deployment. This is a handy tool to manage several servers for application development,testing and production.

The code below is save to a file named

# Works with fabric v0.9
from fabric.api import run, env
from fabric.operations import local,put

def dev_server():
env.user = 'user_name'
env.hosts = ['']

def staging_server():
env.user = 'user_name'
env.hosts = ['']

def production_server():
env.user = 'user_name'
env.hosts = ['', '' ]

# define needed functions here.
def host_info():
print 'Checking lsb_release of host: ',
run('lsb_release -a')

def uptime():

def simple_deploy():
put ('/tmp/testfile','/tmp')
# add deployment codes here

This assumes we can login to any of the server w/o ssh keypair.
See this link for setting up SSH without password.

Tip: Also if you have different keypair for each servers(dev,staging,production), you can add keypair using the command ssh-add. Continue reading