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Setup StriderCD using Ansible

After several check on the web looking for ansible strider role, I created my own here: StriderCD Ansible Role

$ mkdir strider_test
$ cd strider_test
$ mkdir roles
$ ansible-galaxy --roles-path=./roles install cocoy.strider
- downloading role 'strider', owned by cocoy
- downloading role from https://github.com/cocoy/ansible-role-strider/archive/master.tar.gz
- extracting cocoy.strider to ./roles/cocoy.strider
- cocoy.strider was installed successfully
- adding dependency: Stouts.mongodb
- adding dependency: Stouts.nodejs
- downloading role 'mongodb', owned by Stouts
- downloading role from https://github.com/Stouts/Stouts.mongodb/archive/2.1.10.tar.gz
- extracting Stouts.mongodb to ./roles/Stouts.mongodb
- Stouts.mongodb was installed successfully
- downloading role 'nodejs', owned by Stouts
- downloading role from https://github.com/Stouts/Stouts.nodejs/archive/1.1.8.tar.gz
- extracting Stouts.nodejs to ./roles/Stouts.nodejs
- Stouts.nodejs was installed successfully
$ cp roles/cocoy.strider/tests/* .
$ ls
Vagrantfile ansible.cfg roles       test.yml

It’s now ready for vagrant up command.
Below are my screenshots, after using the same playbook on AWS instance.