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Hyperic inside Amazon EC2, for Cloud Monitoring

“Hyperic HQ: Hyperic HQ is the first software that allows companies to monitor cloud services securely alongside their internal infrastructure. HQ’s unique ability to automatically discover, monitor and manage software services, regardless of type or location, enables companies to easily create a unified view of the performance and health of their applications. With HQ’s fast deployment, enterprise security, and extensibility, organizations have all the tools they need to support the demands of cloud computing.”

Using Hyperic AMI inside EC2, I was able to spin up hyperic
AWS instance and install another separate instance with the Hyperic Agent.

After assigning the static IP for the Hyperic Instance, I need to install the Hyperic agent to one of the exising nodes in our EC2 account.

The commands to show how I install Hyperic agent:

cd /mnt
wget http://download.hyperic.com/dl/4.0/hyperic-hq-agent-4.0.1-EE-905-x86-linux.tgz
tar -zxvf hyperic-hq-agent-4.0.1-EE-905-x86-linux.tgz
ln -s hyperic-hq-agent-4.0.1-EE agent
cd agent
./bin/hq-agent.sh start

Configure to use static IP of the Hyperic HQ Server and the node was discovered inside the Hyperic Dashboard.

See screenshots below:

What can I say?

A one of a neat tool in monitoring server for cloud computing.

Running puppetshow with puppetmaster 0.24.6

I’ve been testing puppet 0.24.6 to work with puppetshow for the past few days.
And it’s been causing my brain cells damages due rails 2.2.2 which dont work with puppetshow.

I’ve posted to this to puppet group list:

Finally I was able to get it running by the help of Blake, Luke and others.

The gems needed are:
actionmailer (2.0.2)
actionpack (2.0.2)
activerecord (2.0.2)
activeresource (2.0.2)
activesupport (2.0.2)
daemons (1.0.10)
gem_plugin (0.2.3)
hobofields (0.7.5)
hobosupport (0.8.5)
rails (2.0.2)
rake (0.8.3)

By following the docs at but skipping the installation of hobo:

Basically, all you need is intall these via sudo command:

sudo gem install rails --version='2.0.2'
sudo gem install hobofields --version='0.7.5'
sudo gem install hobosupport