Migrate data using Amazon EBS to a new running instance in EC2.

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  1. MySQL Point says:

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  2. Alex Dumont says:

    Through what I understand you’re doing more a clonation than a migration, aren’t you?

    I mean, by cloning ebs1 to ebs2, you end with 2 EBS. What for? Just for rollback purpose in case of failure in your migration process? Or is it in order to run 2 instances of MySQL on the (inicially at least) same set of data?

    Just curious 😉


    PS: Didn’t know this EBS thing. I’ll have to investigate. Is it exclusive for EC2 machines or can you attach an EBS to a physical box, at home for example?

  3. rodney says:

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for dropping by.

    It’s more of cloning the two EBS containing Mysql data, to run a master-slave setup thing 🙂

    After some more readings, mysql-ec2-ebs tutorial, I’ve realized there’s a xfs snaphot program I can use here to do freeze and create EBS snapshot easily.

    I was testing to attached them on the same EC2 instance :). Attaching the new EBS to another instance works normally though.

    EBS is exclusive to EC2. EBS is like a disk storage device. Hmm.. I/O performance and latency if attach at any local physical machine might be slower but that sounds possible. What do you think of having 1terabyte data volume where you can attached to your laptop anytime and wherever you are? 🙂


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