Blog Takes Long to Invade Me..

As my Internet days, started since 1997, it was just takes 10years to start my blog. Quite sad for computer geeks huh. Yep, I was busy on something not much relevant to the field of IT. But somehow these things like sleeping, joyriding, cooking, playing and having fun contributes to what am I now.

A bit of history ,I’ve started as a Linux fan, reading that borrowed book from one of my mentor way back several years ago. I was hooked and start playing on it, configure 350Mhz PC, 32MB RAM and see what’s inside of this OS. That was the slackware version, needed to boot using two floppy disk.

Linux then came a very reliable stuff for learning more about computing and I use them on my class networking, web scripting, web programming and even data structures C coding stuff. It’s all in one!

It came to a point where I need to go further in the IT industry, (first transition from academe) where I was engage in developing backend codes using Java, well of course Linux as my dev machine. It’s a good practice of network coding stuff, for massive and high volume DB transactions. Servers we run are Oracle10g on top of Redhat Linux. Our technologies involve, JBoss, MySQL, Hibernate, JSP and AJAX stuff.

Seems everything is just as easy and all is just an application of what we’ve learned at school. 🙂

Much of my work also involves in setting up Linux servers for gaming, firewalls, Oracle database, web hosting and the like.

Now, I’m using Ubuntu for my laptop and Debian for my desktop. Finally I started to blog. 🙂


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